Neue Bude 2.0 Ed. II

Neu Bude 2.0 combines trendy wall outfits that give every booth of the 20+ generation the right flair. The passion to design your home again and again, connects four types as they could not be more different: Mia, the headstrong rebel, the charming, casual Ben loves contrasts, the imaginative Ella and the smart hipster Tibo with a luxurious retro look Corners and edges. The lifestyles are accompanied by a nationwide poster campaign and strong POS support through a broad infotainment package.

Neue Bude 2.0 Ed. II

SKU: Neue Bude 2.0
  • Price is listed as Starting from €30, Should you choose a Mural, Different design or the standard measurements of each roll differ, the price may be changed accordingly and quoted differently.

    Please check the exact measure of wall before ordering 


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